5 Reasons to Explore the Gemini AI Google New Image Generator

5 Reasons to Explore the Gemini AI Google New Image Generator

Google Bard, (which is now called Gemini, see update below) stands out as a highly innovative and versatile AI platform globally. It excels in generating text, music lyrics, and code tailored to your input and preferences. Today, our focus is on its latest feature: the Bard AI Google new image generator.

Bard’s image creation uses the improved Imagen 2 model. It aims to balance speed and quality, producing lifelike images. But Jack Krawczyk, the product lead for Google Bard, states, “Starting today, you can generate images in Bard in most countries, and use Gemini Pro in any language, country, and territory Bard currently supports.”

You can use it to create images spanning various categories like animals, flowers, landscapes, and faces. This new update will make Bard with Gemini Pro even better, spreading its advanced powers to 40+ languages in 230+ countries. Gemini Pro makes Bard understand, reason, summarize, and code more effectively. This makes conversations quicker and more detailed. Google says the first look suggests Bard with Gemini Pro is one of the best AIs out there.

So, why should you try the Bard AI Google new image generator? Here are five compelling reasons:

The Bard AI Google New Image Generator is User-Friendly

A standout feature of the Bard AI Google new image generator is its user-friendly nature. No technical skills or experience are required. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Bard website and sign in with your Google account.
  2. Describe the image you want to generate, like “an image of a blue bird with a yellow beak.” The more specific, the better. Starting your prompt with “an image of” clarifies it for Bard.
  3. If you like the image, save it to your Google Drive, share it on social media, or download it.

That’s it! Generate as many images as you want, experimenting with different settings.

If you’re unsure about prompts, use Artsology Dall-E Prompt Template by installing AIPRM. Learn how in this blog: How to Use DALL-E Without Credits and Make AI Arts with Simple Prompts.

No-Cost AI Tool for Creating Stunning Images

Another reason to explore the Bard AI Google new image generator is that it is entirely free. Unlike some other AI image generators requiring a subscription or payment, Bard is open to everyone. Generate images without spending a dime, making it an excellent option for personal or professional projects, education, or entertainment.

Create and Edit Images with Bard’s Flexible and Powerful Features

A third reason to dive into the Bard AI Google new image generator is its adaptability and customization. Bard generates images across a broad spectrum of categories, from animals to landscapes. Customize further by adjusting style, color, brightness, contrast, and more. Combine categories and styles for truly unique and artistic creations.

The Best Choice for High-Quality and Realistic Image Generation

A fourth reason to try the Bard AI Google new image generator is its commitment to realism and high-quality outputs. Powered by Imagen 2, it utilizes generative adversarial networks (GANs) to create images with fine details and textures. While not flawless, the images resemble those taken by a camera or crafted by a professional artist.

We tested it by using our Artsology Prompt Template on AIPRM, and below are the results.

The first prompt we used:

AIPRM First Prompt

The result:

Google New Ai Image Generator Gemini First Result

The second prompt we used:

Second Prompt for the AI Image

The result:

Google New Ai Image Generator Gemini Second Result


To make it more interesting, we used the same prompts and tried them on Bing’s Dall-E. Take a look at these results below:

Dall-E’s first prompt’s result:

Biing AI Image Generated

Dall-E’s second prompt’s result:

Bing Dall E 2

In Bing Chat’s AI Image Generator, DALL-E 3 lets you create detailed images as well. But which one do you think gives better results? The choice is yours.

Bard’s Responsible Approach to AI Image Generation

As a fifth and final reason, consider the ethical and responsible stance of the Bard AI Google new image generator. Bard adheres to principles ensuring AI is a force for good. It refrains from generating images of real people, protecting privacy and identity. SynthID marks images as AI-generated to prevent misuse, and Bard avoids creating images featuring sensitive or harmful content.

Bard’s “double-check” feature enhances reliability and accuracy. By clicking on the G icon in responses, users can verify information and sources, preventing misinformation.

The Latest Features of Bard AI Google New Image Generator

The Bard AI Google new image generator is not just something you should try; it’s worth keeping tabs on. Bard consistently enhances its image generation abilities, introducing new features and improvements. Here are some recent updates you should be aware of:

  • Gemini Pro Worldwide: Launched in December, Gemini Pro is now available in all 230+ countries and 40+ languages supported by Bard. The double-check feature, initially in English, expands to other languages. Tapping the G icon activates Bard’s evaluation of web content to verify responses.
  • Bard’s ImageFX Addition: Google introduces an image generator to Bard, powered by Imagen 2, accessible globally in English. Users can prompt image creation with detailed descriptions. Safety measures include SynthID for digital watermarks, preventing the generation of images featuring named individuals or inappropriate content.
  • Imagen 2 Advancements: Google’s Imagen 2, prioritizing high-quality outputs, enhances text-to-image features in various applications. Trained on superior image-description pairings, it produces detailed images aligned with language prompts. Imagen 2 also integrates with ImageFX, an experimental text-to-image tool available in English through AI Test Kitchen.

These updates highlight Bard’s continuous efforts to offer the best and most advanced image generation service. Expect more enhancements from Bard as it explores the possibilities and potential of AI image generation.

The Bard AI Google new image generator is a must-not-miss feature—a game-changer in the AI image generation field, bringing inspiration and joy to everyone.

For further insights into other AI image generators, check out this blog article: A Comprehensive Review of the Best Free AI Art Generators. It provides a comparison and review of some of the best free AI art generators online, including Canva, Midjourney, Artbreeder, and more. Discover their pros and cons, features and limitations, and how to use them. The article is a valuable resource for anyone interested in AI art and image generation.


Google made some changes recently. They renamed Bard, the AI chatbot, to Gemini. They also introduced a new app called Gemini and launched Gemini Ultra, a large language model that comes with a premium subscription. People are curious about why Google decided to rename its chatbot. CEO Sundar Pichai explained the reason in a recent interaction.

Pichai shared that the name change, from Bard to Gemini, aligns with how Google develops its AI models. Now, users can interact directly with the underlying Gemini model.

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