How to Use Dall E without Credits and Make AI Arts with Simple Prompts?

How to Use Dall E without Credits and Make AI Arts with Simple Prompts?

Do you love art? Ever thought about making cool AI art using just words?

Well, get ready for some fun! This guide will show you how to use DALL·E, a super cool AI art maker. And the best part? You can make awesome art without worrying about giving credits – it’s easy!

But before we start, let’s figure out: What’s DALL·E, anyway?

What is Dall E?

DALL·E is a combination of Salvador Dali and WALL·E. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” just like Henrik Johan Ibsen once said. He’s known as the father of realism. But this tech gives a new meaning.

Dall E, a clever computer brain, creates pictures from words. It got its name from the famous artist Salvador Dali and the Pixar character WALL-E. OpenAI, a group focused on making AI good for people, made Dall E.

Dall E can make real, strange, or artsy images when you describe them in words. For example, saying “a cat wearing a hat” gives you lots of cat pictures with hats. It can also mix different ideas, like “a snail made of a harp” or “a pineapple house under the sea.”

But, here’s the fun part – Dall E isn’t just for making art; it’s like a buddy for your creativity. You can use it to make pictures for stories, poems, or comics. Pretty cool, huh?

There’s a small hitch, though. Dall E isn’t free; you need credits to use it. Sadly, these credits cost money. So, if you want more AI art pictures, you’ll have to spend more money.

And that can be a bit tough for some people, especially if you’re just starting or doing it for fun. Even if you can pay, you might think twice about spending money on something uncertain.

But wait! Is there a way to use Dall E without spending money and still create awesome art? Yep, there is. Let me show you how:

Use Bing instead of Dall E

The secret lies within Bing.

Yes, Bing—the search engine that often remains underutilized. With DALL-E 3 in Bing Chat’s Image Creator, you can make detailed designs, abstract ideas, and more by adding text to your pictures.

Surprisingly, Bing possesses the capability to significantly enhance your AI art generation and the best part? It’s entirely free. Here’s how to make great AI art by using ChatGPT and Bing.

Step 1: Install ChatGPT Extension and AIPRM

ChatGPT Extension and AIPRM

Begin by installing AIPRM, a ChatGPT extension available on the Google Web Store. ChatGPT, powered by GPT-3 akin to Dall E, facilitates generating text based on your input. AIPRM is an AI Prompt Maker, also reliant on ChatGPT, and capable of crafting prompts.

The extension is accessible on the Google Web Store—simply search or click the link and install it on your browser.

Step 2: Access Artsology DALL E Prompt on CHATGPT

Artsology DALL E Prompt on CHATGPT

Next, initiate a search for “Artsology DALL E Prompt” on AIPRM. This function generates mid-level prompts for DALL E corresponding to your specified keywords.

For example, inputting “cat” prompts suggestions such as “a cat with wings,” “a cat made of flowers,” or “a cat playing a guitar.” Incorporating multiple keywords, such as “cat and dog,” broadens the spectrum to include varied prompts like “cat and fish” or “cat and moon.”

Artsology DALL E Prompt serves as a wellspring for inspiration, fostering intriguing ideas for your AI-generated art. Moreover, it aids in refining and enhancing prompts for heightened specificity and creativity.

Step 3: Generate Prompts via AIPRM and ChatGPT

Prompts via AIPRM and ChatGPT

Proceed by pasting your chosen keywords into the AIPRM tool, accessible through the ChatGPT extension. AIPRM utilizes ChatGPT to craft prompts tailored to your specified keywords, incorporating insights from Artsology DALL E Prompt.

For instance, pasting “cat and dog” results in refined prompts such as “A cozy living room scene with a playful cat and a loyal dog curled up together on a plush rug near a crackling fireplace, soft sunlight streaming through the window, showcasing the cat’s curious expression and the dog’s contentment, Illustration, digital drawing with vibrant colors and detailed textures, –ar 16:9 –v 5”

Edit or generate more prompts as necessary based on the results.

Step 4: Generate AI Art Images via Bing

AI Art Images via Bing

Finally, generate images from your prompts using Bing. Copy your crafted prompts and paste them into the Bing Copilot. Bing leverages Dall E to generate images based on your prompts, presenting them to you.

For instance, pasting “a cat and a dog wearing sunglasses” prompts Bing to generate images portraying cats and dogs sporting sunglasses. Employ Bing’s filters and options to adjust image size, color, or style as desired.

We tried the prompt above: “A cozy living room scene with a playful cat and a loyal dog curled up together on a plush rug near a crackling fireplace, soft sunlight streaming through the window, showcasing the cat’s curious expression and the dog’s contentment, Illustration, digital drawing with vibrant colors and detailed textures, –ar 16:9 –v 5”

The image you see is the result of that prompt. So congrats! You’ve harnessed Dall E without relying on credits, creating remarkable AI art with minimal prompts.

Advantages of Utilizing Bing

By opting for Bing, several advantages come into play, unavailable through direct use of Dall E:

  • Cost-Efficiency: Save money by bypassing the need for Dall E credits, generating images without incurring expenses.
  • Time-Saving: Avoid the complexity of crafting detailed prompts; instead, utilize simple keywords, allowing AIPRM and Artsology DALL E Prompt to streamline the process.
  • Enjoyment: Experiment with diverse keywords and prompts, exploring the realm of Dall E’s creations. Share your AI art with friends and family, showcasing your creative prowess.
  • Integration: Microsoft has combined OpenAI’s advanced DALL-E 3 text-to-image model with Bing Chat and Bing Image Creator.
  • Upgrade in Image Creation: Bing’s Image Creator now features the latest DALL-E 3, an improved tool from OpenAI that transforms text into pictures.
  • Enhanced Image Detail: Users praise DALL-E 3 for crafting pictures that are more detailed and accurate.

Limitations of Utilizing Bing

However, employing Bing does pose certain limitations:

  • Internet Dependency: Internet access is imperative; Bing operates solely online, requiring a stable and swift connection.
  • Patience Required: Bing’s image generation isn’t instantaneous; anticipate a brief wait as it processes your prompts into images.
  • Managing Expectations: Acknowledge that Dall E is an AI, not a human; outcomes might differ from envisioned, occasionally appearing unusual or unexpected.

Exploring Alternatives to Dall E

Exploring other AI art generators is a viable option:

  • Artbreeder: This tool generates images from scratch or existing ones, allowing for creation across diverse genres and styles.
  • VQGAN+CLIP: Similar to Dall E but utilizing different technology, this generator crafts realistic, surreal, or abstract images based on textual inputs.
  • RunwayML: A multifaceted AI art generator creating images, videos, audio, or text through various models, enabling the creation of animations, filters, effects, music, or stories.

Discover more about these AI art generators and explore examples in this comprehensive blog post: A Comprehensive Review of the Best Free AI Art Generators

The world of AI art promises an engaging and thrilling journey, unlocking boundless creative vistas. Dall E, among other AI art generators, empowers users to craft stunning artworks using mere words.

Opting for Bing, AIPRM, and Artsology DALL E Prompt facilitates leveraging Dall E without requiring credits, enabling the creation of remarkable art through straightforward prompts. Explore, and witness the captivating possibilities awaiting your creative spark.

And remember, share your AI art with us on our Forum! We eagerly anticipate witnessing your AI art creations.

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