What if Human Art Does Not Exist? Can Artificial Intelligence Still Create Art?

The Creation of Artificial Intelligence


Have you ever wondered if there could be art without people? Can Artificial Intelligence still create art? Art is something that humans do to show their imagination, creativity, and appreciation of beauty or emotion. It’s a part of us because we can do these things. If there were no art, it would mean that we, as humans, couldn’t do these things either.

Think about what philosopher Plato once said, Human behavior comes from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.” We can apply this to art too. Artists put their desires, emotions, and knowledge into their work, and we interpret it based on the feelings we see in it.

AI and Art Complicated Relationship

Now, here’s where things get interesting. Artificial Intelligence (AI) doesn’t have these human abilities the way we do. It can’t imagine or appreciate art. It can make pictures or sounds that we might see as art, but it does this using patterns and rules, not because it truly understands or loves art.

If art in the human sense didn’t exist, AI could still make images and sounds. But whether we’d call them “art” depends on whether there were still beings who could appreciate them as art. In simple terms, AI can create what we call “art” because we, as humans, see it that way. Without our view, the idea of “art” might not even exist.

But why do we make art then? Aristotle, a wise philosopher, believed that art could help society. He thought it could help us understand human nature and become better citizens. He also believed that art can make us admire beauty and goodness.

How AI Uses Human Knowledge to Make “Art”

CF Spark Patterns paisley
Two examples of AI-generated paisley by Creative Fabrica Spark Pattern-maker.

In 2022, I used the CF Spark Pattern Generator. It’s an AI tool that lets you make lots of cool designs for free, just by typing in some ideas. I wanted to see if it could work with art stuff, so I remembered some fun things I did before. Like, I once thought about what it’d be like if Van Gogh was skateboarding or if Rembrandt was playing basketball. That time, I got curious about Matisse and basketball. Don’t really know why, but that’s what popped into my head.

So AI’s ability to create “art” relies a lot on what we teach it. It uses sets of information, often from human-made art, to create new things. These sets of information show AI the seamless repeating patterns and structures it needs.

The Big Philosophical Question

This discussion brings up a deep question about what art is and the role of AI in making art. Different people might have different ideas. Some could say that real art needs a kind of consciousness and purpose that AI doesn’t have yet. Others might say that what’s essential in art is how it makes us feel, no matter how it’s made.

Even though AI has shown it can make amazing art, its role in art is complex and has many sides. It’s like an addition to human creativity, not an artist on its own. As we keep exploring the mix of art and technology, one thing stays clear: humans are vital when it comes to art.

Artistic Expression for Those Who Don’t Think They’re Artists

If you don’t see yourself as an artist, that’s okay. There are plenty of ways to be creative. Here are some ideas:


Photography Photo via Pexels

Most people have a great camera now. You can take pictures from different angles, play with light, and photograph different things.

Making Collages

Making Collage via Photo Pexels


This is when you cut out pictures from magazines or print them from the internet, and you put them on paper or a board. It’s a fun and relaxing way to create something beautiful without needing to draw or paint.


Mandala Adult Coloring Page for relaxation.

Coloring has become popular because they’re calming. They come with lots of different designs to color, like nature scenes and abstract patterns.

Digital Art

Digital Art Photo via Pexels

There are apps and computer programs that let you make art on your device. You can draw simple things or make complex designs.

Sand Painting

Sand Painting by K.H.

Creating captivating online sand art is a digital marvel, where artists mold virtual grains into stunning compositions.


Craft Photo via Pexels

Crafts can include making things like scarves, jewelry, or decorations for your home.

Rock Collecting

Rock Collecting via Pexels

This can be a fun and educational hobby. You can learn about different kinds of rocks and even make a display with them.

What other forms of art do you enjoy? It’s not about being perfect; it’s about having fun and expressing yourself. Give these activities a try to find your creative side.


Further Reading on AI

If you’re eager to explore the creative potential of AI art further:

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