How a Boy Became a Millionaire with NFT Selfies

Ghozali Ghozalo

Ever thought about how many selfies you take each year? According to Google, the average person snaps about 93 selfies every month, totaling around 1,116 selfies in a year. That’s quite a lot, right? But what if those selfies could make you a fortune? That’s precisely what happened to a boy from Indonesia with his NFT collection named Ghozali.

Meet Ghozali Everyday

Ghozali Everyday is a collection of digital artworks created by Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali, a 22-year-old studying computer science in Jakarta. It consists of 933 self-portraits taken by Ghozali between ages 18 to 22, from 2017 to 2021. Each portrait shows Ghozali’s feelings, expressions, and style on different days.

Launched on January 9, 2022, on OpenSea, each piece started at just USD 3. But as the demand increased, the price quickly rose to 0.9 ETH (around USD 3,000). By January 14, 2022, the total sales of Ghozali Everyday reached USD 1 million, making Ghozali a millionaire almost overnight.

Who is Ghozali Ghozalo?

Ghozali Ghozalo, the mind behind Ghozali Everyday, studies computer science at the University of Indonesia. He got interested in digital art and blockchain during his studies. He also loves playing video games and enjoys anime and manga.

Besides being a successful NFT creator, Ghozali is humble and responsible. He posted a message for those buying his NFTs on Twitter:

“Thanks for supporting my NFT collection. I hope you like my self-portraits and understand their stories. Please use them thoughtfully and don’t sell them for more money. I want everyone who likes them to be able to afford them. Thanks for your cooperation.”

Ghozali’s collection caught the attention of Arnold Poernomo, a famous Indonesian chef and judge on MasterChef Indonesia. Poernomo praised Ghozali Everyday on Twitter, appreciating Ghozali’s creativity:

“Incredible! A boy from Indonesia made an original NFT collection using his selfies. This mix of art and technology shows vision and bravery. Well done, Ghozali Ghozalo. You’re a genius.”

The Beginning of Ghozali Everyday

Ghozali Everyday started as a project for Ghozali’s video production class. He had to create a video documenting his life for a year. So, he decided to take a selfie every day and put them together in a video. He also added music and effects to make it interesting.

But it didn’t stop there. He kept taking selfies every day for four years, even after the class ended. He wanted to capture how he changed as a person and express his feelings and experiences. He also wanted to try different filters and styles to be more creative.

Then, he decided to turn his selfies into NFTs and share them with others. He chose NFTs because they’re a new way of creating and owning digital art. He wanted each piece to be special and have its own story.

He put his collection on OpenSea and named it Ghozali Everyday. He described it as:

“Ghozali Everyday has 933 self-portraits taken from ages 18 to 22. Each one shows a day in my life, my mood, and my style. Some days are happy, some are sad, some are dull, some are exciting. But every day is a part of me and my journey. I hope you can see and feel that through my collection.”

How Ghozali Became a Millionaire with Ghozali Everyday

Ghozali Everyday isn’t just a personal project but a successful one too. It got a lot of attention and became popular in the NFT community, especially among young people. Many liked Ghozali’s story and style and wanted to own a piece of his collection.

One of the biggest supporters of Ghozali Everyday is Arnold Poernomo, the chef, who talked about the collection on social media and bought some pieces himself. He encouraged others to do the same, seeing it as a good investment and a cool piece of culture.

Because of Poernomo’s support, Ghozali Everyday became really popular in the NFT market. The price for each piece went up from USD 3 to 0.9 ETH in just a few days. This made Ghozali and the people who bought his NFTs earn a lot of money. To compare, another artist, Beepel, sold 5,000 digital artworks for 0.1 ETH each, which is much less than Ghozali’s price.

So, Ghozali became a millionaire in less than a week, with total sales reaching USD 1 million by January 14, 2022. He felt grateful for the success and said he’d use the money for his education and to help others.

What Ghozali Everyday Means

Ghozali Everyday isn’t just a bunch of selfies. It shows Ghozali’s life, who he is, and how creative he can be. It’s proof of his hard work, dedication, and new ideas. It’s not just about NFTs; it’s a new way of creating and enjoying digital art. It’s also a way to make money from digital art. Ghozali Everyday shows that NFTs can help people who have big dreams and aren’t afraid to chase them.

This collection will be remembered as one of the most special and important NFT collections ever. It’ll inspire many artists and people who collect NFTs. It’ll change how people think about art and technology.

It’s a collection you won’t want to miss.

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