A Comprehensive Review of the Best Free AI Art Generators

AI-created pictures show rich people as if they were poor. (Image courtesy: Instagram)


For those who don’t know Elon Musk, one might find it hard to believe that the man in the featured image was actually generated by Artificial Intelligence. But who doesn’t know Elon?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made its way into many fields, including the world of art. AI art generators, using clever computer programs and learning from data, can now turn simple text into beautiful art. This article is all about the best AI art generators you can find. We’ll see what they can do, and even check out some art generators that may not be suitable for everyone. Let’s get started.

Overview of AI Art Generators

AI Art Generators are innovative digital tools that leverage AI technologies to create visuals, graphics, and art pieces. This is done by analyzing the text prompts provided by the user. The AI models used in these tools are trained on a vast amount of image data, enabling them to generate a wide variety of art styles and formats. Examples of popular AI art generators include Leonardo AI, Deep Dream Generator, and NightCafe, among others.

What Makes AI Art Generators Remarkable?

The ability of these tools to bring to life the user’s imagination makes them quite remarkable. They can produce AI art that ranges from surreal landscapes to intricate patterns, all based on specific text prompts. This has revolutionized the creative process, allowing even those without artistic skills to produce professional-grade artwork.

Important Considerations for Choosing an AI Art Generator

While there are numerous AI art generators available online, making the right choice can be a bit challenging. Here are some critical factors to consider when selecting an AI art generator.

1. Advanced Technology Employed

The AI art generator you choose should preferably use advanced machine learning algorithms and deep learning networks. Look for AI models like Open AI’s DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, or Midjourney, which are known for their superior performance.

2. Quality of Output

The AI tool’s ability to produce high-quality images that closely match your requirements is a crucial factor. Test this by giving the same prompt to different tools and checking which one generates the most visually appealing and relevant images.

3. User-Friendliness

The tool should have a simple sign-up process, a clean user interface, and an efficient image-generation process. The ease of use can significantly impact your overall experience with the tool.

4. Customization Options

An ideal AI generator should allow you to customize the output according to your requirements. Look for features like upscaling, generating variations, and offering different art styles.

5. Licensing and Copyright

Ensure the tool is licensed to produce and distribute the images it generates. Also, verify that you can use the generated images for both personal and commercial projects.

Top 10 Free AI Art Generators for 2023

Here’s a quick comparison of the best AI art generators for 2023:

Rank AI Art Generator Best Usage
1 Leonardo AI All-in-One Image Generator
2 DALL-E 2 Photorealistic Images
3 Stable Diffusion Image-to-Image Art
4 Fotor GoArt NFT Art from Images
5 Deep Dream Generator Multiple Art Styles
6 Nightcafe Easy Access
7 MidJourney High-Quality Images
8 Canva Versatile Designing Platform
9 Artbreeder Improving Image Quality
10 Adobe Firefly Generative AI for everyone
11 YouCam Online Editor Best for photo editing beginners.

According to the Artsology team, Leonardo AI is the best art generator, as it’s really creative. Now, let’s find out more about the best free AI tools. If you want a free option, you can choose “Adobe Firefly.” But, there’s a small issue we’ll discuss later. Detailed reviews of each of these generators are provided in the following sections.

1. Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI

Rating: 4.8/5, User Experience: 4.9/5

Leonardo AI is a revolutionary AI image generator that employs multiple fine-tuned image generation models. It allows users to create stunning designs and visuals within seconds. The tool’s responsive UI enhances the overall design experience.

Key Features

  • Provides over 1000 AI-generated prompts
  • Supports multiple AI models including Prompt Magic V3 and Alchemy
  • Allows upscaling, producing variations, and removing backgrounds
  • Offers a free plan with daily limits on generations and other features


Leonardo AI offers a free plan that includes 150 generations, 30 upscales/unzooms, and 75 background removals daily. For more features, users can upgrade to their paid plans.

2. DALL-E 2

Dall E 2

Rating: 4.9/5, User Experience: 4.2/5

DALL-E 2 is a deep learning model developed by OpenAI Labs. It uses a version of ChatGPT to generate digital images and art from text-based prompts in natural language.

Key Features

  • Creates digital images using text-based prompts
  • Offers 15 image credits per month
  • Requires an OpenAI account for access


DALL-E 2 offers 15 image credits per month and additional credits can be purchased.

3. Stable Diffusion

Stable Fusion

Rating: 4.9/5, User Experience: 4.2/5

Stable Diffusion is a popular image generation platform that operates on the Stable Diffusion model. It generates four images at a time and offers unlimited image generation.

Key Features

  • Utilizes the Stable Diffusion model for creating images
  • Generates 4 images at a time
  • Offers unlimited image generation


Stable Diffusion is free to use.

4. Fotor GoArt

Fotor GoArt

Rating: 4.5/5, User Experience: 4.5/5

Fotor GoArt is a powerful AI image generator that is ideal for creating NFT art. It uses AI to enhance or transform your existing images into digital art.

Key Features

  • Uses AI to enhance and transform images
  • Offers over 10,000+ templates
  • Provides features for creating NFT art


Fotor GoArt offers a free trial, with paid plans starting from $8.99/month.

5. Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream

Rating: 4.4/5, User Experience: 4.3/5

Deep Dream Generator is an AI image generator that uses neural networks to convert existing images into digital art. It offers multiple styles and modes for image generation.

Key Features

  • Uses neural networks for image generation
  • Provides multiple styles and modes
  • Enables the creation of digital art from existing images


Deep Dream Generator is free to use.

6. NightCafe


Rating: 4.7/5, User Experience: 4.9/5

Nightcafe is an AI Art Generator that uses the Neural Style Transfer method, along with VQGAN+CLIP models to produce precise and accurate images. It offers 4 free image credits.

Key Features

  • Uses Neural Style Transfer and VQGAN+CLIP models
  • Provides 4 free image credits
  • Offers additional free credits upon sign-up


NightCafe offers a free trial with 4 image credits. Additional credits can be purchased, with plans starting from $9.99/month.

7. MidJourney


Rating: 4.9/5, User Experience: 2.0/5

MidJourney is an AI art generator that offers a limited trial version with several options to buy a full membership. It is currently available via a waiting list and an invitation to their Discord server.

Key Features

  • Generates images with a simple command and a text prompt
  • Hosted on a Discord server
  • Offers a limited trial version


The specific price for MidJourney is not disclosed, but they offer a limited trial and several options to buy a full membership.

8. Canva


Rating: 4.3/5, User Experience: 4.5/5

Canva is a popular online graphic designing platform that has recently introduced AI features, including an AI image generator. The AI image generator is based on the Text to Image app, which was created by Canva itself. 

Key Features

  • Offers an AI image generator feature
  • Provides a wide range of design assets


Canva offers a free plan, with premium features available under paid plans.

9. Artbreeder


Rating: 4.1/5, User Experience: 4.0/5

Artbreeder is an AI Art Generator that uses multiple image models like DALL-E and Stable Diffusion to generate realistic images and art.

Key Features

  • Uses multiple image models for art generation
  • Generates AI images through a Discord server
  • Provides unlimited image generation


Artbreeder is free to use.

10. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly

Rating: 4.5/5, User Experience: 4.0/5

Adobe Firefly is a generative AI model offered by Adobe. It is a powerful image generation platform that helps users to create creative and unique AI images for free and is currently in its Beta version.

Key Features

  • Provides a powerful image-generation platform
  • Offers intricate details in the outputs
  • Does not specify any limits on AI image generation


Adobe Firefly is free to use during its Beta version.

11. YouCam Online Editor

YouCam Online Editor

YouCam Online Editor – Best for photo editing beginners. This online editor brings state-of-the-art AI image generation, perfect for producing top-notch pictures such as art, avatar, and characters. By effortlessly blending advanced artificial intelligence with user-friendly design tools, individuals can create customized avatars that mirror their distinct style and personality, ensuring an optimal portrayal for online profiles.

Key features:

  • Utilizes advanced AI to generate images.
  • Offers a range of AI photo editing capabilities, including color correction and intelligent object removal.
  • Features a user-friendly interface enabling quick and easy enhancements.

Pricing: It offers free features and starting from $2.50/month for certain advanced features.

AI Art Generators are an innovative blend of art and technology. They empower users to create stunning visuals and artwork without needing any artistic skills. Among the ones we reviewed, Leonardo AI, NightCafe, and Stable Diffusion stood out for their exceptional features and easy-to-use interfaces. However, all the tools on this list have their unique offerings, and depending on your specific needs, you might find others more suitable.

What are the Free AI Art Generators Alternatives?

What are the Free AI Art Generators Alternatives?

1. DALL·E 2: OpenAI’s New AI Art Generator

DALL·E 2: When art entered a new era, OpenAI introduced DALL·E 2, an AI art generator and an innovative tool transforming how we create and perceive art.

How DALL·E 2 Works: DALL·E 2 leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to generate realistic and accurate images. It inputs a text prompt and produces an image matching the description.

Comparing DALL·E 2 and DALL·E 1: While DALL·E 1 was a groundbreaking tool, DALL·E 2 takes it a step further with 4x greater resolution, producing more detailed and visually appealing images.

User Experience with DALL·E 2: Users have praised DALL·E 2 for its user-friendly interface and the quality of the images it generates. It’s a tool that truly brings imagination to life.

2. GetIMG: A Comprehensive AI Tool

Overview of GetIMG: GetIMG is a versatile AI tool that stands out from most image generators. It offers a suite of features that cater to a wide range of creative needs.

Unique Features of GetIMG: GetIMG allows users to generate original images at scale, modify photos, and expand pictures beyond their original borders. It also enables the creation of custom AI models, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Generating Original Images with GetIMG: Creating original images with GetIMG is a breeze. Simply input a description, and the tool generates a unique image that matches your prompt.

Modifying Photos with GetIMG: GetIMG isn’t just for creating new images. It also allows users to modify existing photos, adding a new dimension to photo editing.

Expanding Pictures Beyond Their Original Borders: One of the standout features of GetIMG is its ability to expand pictures beyond their original borders. This feature opens up new possibilities for image manipulation.

3. ArtSmart: User-Friendly AI Art Generator

Introduction to ArtSmart: ArtSmart is an AI art generator that prioritizes ease of use. It’s designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise.

Ease of Use: ArtSmart vs Other Platforms: Compared to other platforms, ArtSmart stands out for its user-friendly interface. It’s intuitive and easy to navigate, making it a great choice for beginners.

Controlling Outputs with ArtSmart: ArtSmart gives users more control over their outputs. With a range of customization options, users can fine-tune their creations to their liking.

User Reviews of ArtSmart: ArtSmart has received positive reviews from users. They appreciate its simplicity, flexibility, and the quality of the images it produces.

4. Image Creator from Microsoft Designer: Best AI Image Generator of 2024

The Image Creator from Microsoft Designer: The Image Creator from Microsoft Designer is a game-changer in the world of AI art generators. Launched in 2024, it has quickly risen to prominence due to its advanced features and user-friendly interface.

Powered by DALL·E 3: What Does It Mean?: Image Creator is powered by DALL·E 3, an advanced AI model developed by OpenAI. This means it can generate high-quality images with impressive detail and realism.

Why It’s Considered the Best AI Image Generator of 2024: Image Creator has been hailed as one of the best AI image generators of 2024 due to its superior image quality, ease of use, and innovative features. It sets a new standard for AI art generation.

User Experience with Image Creator: Users have praised Image Creator for its intuitive interface and the quality of the images it produces. Its ability to generate images from text prompts has been particularly well-received.

5. Meta’s AI-powered Image Generator: Free and Powerful

Introduction to Meta’s AI-powered Image Generator: Meta’s AI-powered Image Generator is a powerful tool that is currently free for users in the U.S. Meta’s Emu image generation model powers it and offers a range of impressive features.

Powered by Meta’s Emu Image Generation Model: Meta’s AI-powered Image Generator is powered by the Emu image generation model. This advanced AI model allows the tool to generate high-quality images from text prompts.

Free for Users in the U.S.: Implications and Impact: The fact that Meta’s AI-powered Image Generator is free for users in the U.S. has made it a popular choice among artists and creatives. It’s democratizing access to AI art generation.

Generating Four Images Per Prompt: One of the standout features of Meta’s AI-powered Image Generator is its ability to generate four images per prompt. This gives users a range of options to choose from.

User Reviews and Feedback on Meta’s AI-powered Image Generator: Users have given positive feedback on Meta’s AI-powered Image Generator. They appreciate its user-friendly interface, the quality of the images it produces, and the fact that it’s free to use.

Users have found ease in generating and enjoying AI art for their projects, artistry, and more, thanks to the variety of alternatives to Free AI Art Generators available.

Step-by-Step Guide on Using AI Image Generators

Step-by-Step Guide on Using AI Image Generators

It’s important to note that each tool has its unique features and methods of operation. If you’re interested in learning more about how to use these AI art generators, we’ve compiled a list of comprehensive guides for you:

Make Awesome AI Art with Craiyon: Craiyon is one of the best free AI image generators. This guide provides a step-by-step process to transform any text prompt into a unique image, making it an excellent choice for an AI image generator text-free.

NightCafe AI Art Generator: Your Guide to Creating Amazing Art with AI: NightCafe is an AI image generator from an image that allows you to create stunning AI art. This guide provides a step-by-step process on how to use NightCafe’s online AI art generator.

AI Art Generator in Canva: A Complete Guide: Explore the world of AI art with Canva AI generator, a comprehensive platform that houses top AI art generators like Magic Media, DALL·E, and Imagen. Learn how to use this AI image generator text-free to create stunning visuals.

How to Use Leonardo AI to Create and Generate Art, Images, and More: Harness the power of Leonardo AI to create and generate art, images, and more. This guide provides reasons to choose Leonardo AI and a step-by-step process on how to use this AI image generator from image.

How to Use Dall E without Credits and Make AI Arts with Simple Prompts: Learn how to use DALL·E, an AI art creator, without having to worry about giving credits. This guide provides a workaround to use DALL·E without spending money, making it a great choice for an AI image generator from text-free.

Midjourney V6 now has a new way to make prompts!: Discover Midjourney V6, an innovative AI image generator from an image that introduces a new way to create prompts. This feature revolutionizes how AI art prompts are made, offering a unique approach to AI image generator from text-free.

5 Reasons to Explore the Gemini AI Google New Image Generator: Discover the benefits of using Google’s Gemini AI for image generation. This post provides compelling reasons to explore the Gemini AI Google new image generator, a powerful AI image generator from an image.

Whether you’re into blogging, social media marketing, advertising, graphic design, or any other creative field, these AI Art Generators can be a game-changer. They can help you create unique and beautiful visuals to make your projects stand out. So, why not give them a try and see how they can enhance your creative process?

So, are you inspired to try out these free AI art generators? Have you used any of them before? Do share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below.

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