7 thoughts on “Exploring Portable Rock Art from Red Creek in Mississippi

  1. I have 50 plus effigies,etched,unusual rocks very similar to others on this blog, I’m in Texoma part of Norrh Texas. I would like to share my collection from my backyard,I believe rocks to be before American Indian timeline ,as effigies look European (in my opinion)I believe we’ve been fooled.And history is Not what we were brainwashed to learn. I believe these are NOT naturally made. ((Common sense)I also see within these rocks to be of Spiritual nature some positive and most of a “Dark Tone”,and it’s unexplainable and too detailed for human to create. I think our planet has been through death and rebirth a few times over. I’m in my late 50s and my eyes are opening to more truths(if that makes sense) Don’t know how archeologist can dismiss so many of these in the world that is now obviously too bizarre to deny,Thank you ,I relate to all the comments on your blog and hope our country acknowledges these finds someday.Please tell me how to upload my rocks as I want to share my underground finds without a voice

    1. Wow, your collection of effigies and unusual rocks sounds fascinating! We’d love to see them. To share them with us, simply send an email to mailto:info@artsology.com. Can’t wait to check out your discovery!

  2. I have some amazing rocks that I would like your opinion on , if you can contact me so I can send you pics.

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