Joker 2 filming at the former Isolation Hospital in Belleville

Joker 2 movie location in Belleville, NJ

I’ve written other blog posts about the Essex County Isolation Hospital, an interesting and somewhat creepy abandoned hospital which has flirted with development projects over the years, none of which seem to have come to fruition. While in the area recently, I kept noticing lots of vintage 1970s and 1980s cars with no license plates parked in the parking lot, and cranes and people milling around. Someone suggested that a movie was going to be filmed there, but no particular clues. This site had previously been used in a movie – the 2001 movie “A Beautiful Mind” with Russell Crowe had scenes filmed there.

Vintage cars on a movie set in Belleville, NJ
Vintage cars on a movie set in Belleville, NJ at the former Essex County Isolation Hospital.

Last night, I was in the area again, and streets were blocked off everywhere with police presence. One of the officers explained that they had filming going on, and that the movie is “Joker 2,” the sequel to the 2019 Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix. I find this quite interesting from my own personal experience, because when my kids were little and we’d drive past this place, I’d say to them “it’s an insane asylum” or “it’s Arkham Asylum,” from the Batman comics and video games, which they liked to play. Since it was abandoned all those years ago when I’d say this to my kids, it was always dark and forboding and looked like a perfect setting for an insane asylum … and now with Joker 2 being filmed here, it really is becoming Arkham Asylum!

Here’s a view from the backside of the building, not the side they’re filming on. It was the closest I could get – the police were very strict in not even allowing pedestrians, let alone cars, getting to the front while filming. I’ll be curious to see the movie and see how the building takes a role in the movie – the location scout for Joker 2 was spot-on in picking this place! If you’d like to read more or see some old pictures of the inside, check out this link here.

Joker 2 movie location in Belleville, NJ
The former Essex County Isolation Hospital is currently being used for scenes from the upcoming Joker 2 movie.
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