Face effigy found in San Diego

two views face effigy stone


I received an email from a reader of my rock art posts who sent the following pictures with this statement: “I just wanted to share these pictures of my face effigy that I found last year in San Diego, California. Not sure if it is from the cave man period?”

face effigy found in San Diego
This apparent face effigy was found in San Diego, California.

I’m not a rock art expert myself; does anyone out there have any thoughts or feedback on this? If so, please share in the comments section below. I find the “eye” mark quite interesting – when one looks closely, especially at the image below left, it appears to be drawn or painted in – the edge of the dark shape is very smooth and defined. There’s no other marks on the rock that match this color, and the placement next to what is suggested as a nose seems perfect.

two views face effigy stone
Here’s two more views of the same face effigy stone.

For more information on Artsology’s coverage of portable rock art, check out this page here.

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One thought on “Face effigy found in San Diego

  1. Hi, I found a carved rock in Ramona CA 92065. I would like to know what it is. An animal face or space I am sure somebody knows. I don’t know how to share please email me so I can share it.

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