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Lichtenstein and Magritte Swatch watches


A while back, while writing about the Keith Haring Polaroid camera, I mentioned how much I wish I had bought a Keith Haring Swatch when they came out 30+ years ago … well, now Swatch has some new artistic watches for our consideration!

I just received an email from MoMA Store, and they’re promoting new Swatches featuring art by Roy Lichtenstein and Rene Magritte. Another chance to wear some art history on my wrist!

Below left are the Lichtenstein Swatches, which are described as: “two watch designs celebrating the 100th anniversary of Roy Lichtenstein’s birth, with details of his artworks from MoMA’s collection. One style features details from Girl (1963), with the artwork’s famous smiling blonde reproduced on the watch’s face … the other style features a melancholy crooner, the blonde woman subject of Reverie (1963), reproduced on the watch’s face.” Get more details on the Roy Lichtenstein Swatch here, along with info on how to buy.

Lichtenstein and Magritte Swatch watches
New Swatch watches featuring art by Roy Lichtenstein and Rene Magritte, available at the MoMA Store.

The Magritte Swatch watches are described as: “In celebration of the 125th anniversary of artist Rene Magritte’s birth, Swatch has produced this special series of watches. One is adorned with a detail from one of the artist’s legendary self-portraits, Le Fils de L’Homme (The Son of Man) (1964), which depicts the face of its bowler-hatted subject obscured by a hovering green apple — a quintessential Magritte symbol. The second features the smoking pipe of La Trahison des Images (The Treachery of Images) (1929). Magritte loved wordplay, and this painting is one of the most famous examples.” Get more details on these Magritte Swatch watches along with info on how to buy here.

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