Surrealist Home Furnishings

weird real estate photo seen on Zillow


I was doing a little “Zillow Surfing” (or “Zillow Scrolling?”), having fun imagining life near the Jersey Shore, and as I was scrolling through the collection of interior shots for a particular house, I came across this:

weird real estate photo
What is this surrealist home furnishing? Odd real estate photo seen on Zillow.

What is that thing? I’m really quite intrigued by this. I’m assuming this is a case of the realtor making a digital manipulation to cover something up, but in this case, whatever they’re covering up is the focal point of the picture – the open door to the laundry room is kind of an afterthought. Why even post this picture to try to sell a house?

Here’s another picture from the same house. It seems okay to see all of the clutter underneath the television, but whatever was to the left of the tv and under the window needed this surrealist object treatment. What’s going on here?

weird real estate photo seen on Zillow
More digitally-altered home furnishings in a real estate photo.

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