Art at Buster Levi Gallery in Cold Spring

Pat Hickman Skin Skillet


I was enjoying a visit to Cold Spring, NY, and stopped in at the Buster Levi Gallery on Main Street, which I’ve visited before. The gallery is an artist-run gallery specializing in contemporary art, and on this particular day they had a group show. This untitled piece, by John Allen, was one that grabbed my attention (and encouraged me to keep my distance, with all those sharp pencil points). I’m not able to find a website for John Allen’s art, and continued searches for info on him are coming up short … I did find this, which might explain the difficulty of finding him: “John Allen is a little known, essentially not-for-profit artist who lives nearby and makes a living doing something else.” I have to say, that’s one of the more-interesting and humble artist statements I’ve ever read!

Art with pencils by John Allen
“Untitled,” by John Allen, seen at Buster Levi Gallery in Cold Spring, NY.

Another piece which grabbed my attention, especially when I read the checklist, is this one below, titled “Skin Skillet,” by Pat Hickman. The listed description is “skin membrane and rust.” What? Maybe it’s just me, but listing “skin” without clarification makes one wonder if it’s human skin, but some research online and finding other articles about her work indicates that it is likely fish skin. I did find this info, which was helpful: “Born in 1941 in Fort Morgan, Colorado, Pat Hickman is a fiber artist and educator known for creating sculptural installations using natural materials including gut and sinew. She manipulates these materials in a variety of ways, sometimes stretching them over basket-like forms or knotting them into abstracted nets,” or in this case, a skillet. You can learn more about Pat Hickman at her website here.

Pat Hickman Skin Skillet
“Skin Skillet,” by Pat Hickman, seen at Buster Levi Gallery in Cold Spring, NY.
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