Seeing a Picasso skull in the sidewalk

Picasso skull and water cap on the sidewalk


I have a habit of seeing things in sidewalks … I know it’s simply a case of pareidolia, but there’s times when something I see sparks a visual association with something from art history.

So here’s the sidewalk in question for today, I was walking along and noticed that water cap embedded in the sidewalk, and even though it’s partially broken, there’s something about the round edge at the top and the hole on the right side that made me think of one of Picasso’s skull paintings. Do you see anything skull-like about this? If not, and if you think I’m nuts, scroll down for more.

water cap embedded in the sidewalk
This broken water cap embedded in the sidewalk caught my attention as I was walking.

Here’s a link to a Picasso skull painting, titled “Still Life with Skull and Pot,” from 1943. Do you see how I might see this, when I make a composite image below?

Picasso skull and water cap on the sidewalk
Picasso skull next to a superimposed image on a water cap in a sidewalk.

If you have any art-history based pareidolia images you’d like to share, send them to me here.

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