3 thoughts on “Portable rock art found in Byron, Maine

  1. I just wrote a comment on another page that people need to look a little deeper than overall shape. couple things I want to point out and things you may want to try. I’ll use the top right light colored rock as example. Then if you see what I’m talking about do It For the other 2 rocks.
    What I see in the top right pic is a mother or elder woman standing behind a little girl The woman looks to be pouring some liquid onto another little girl. Also looks like The cobra is introduced bottom left.
    The key to finding whole story is to rotate the rock 1/4 so it’s on side, then upside down and lastly the opposite side. You fill get 4 different depictions hopefully for all same story.
    Try is for the ones you have here on site. I think you will be surprised. Us different lighting and distances.

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