Original wood carvings by Alexandr Davydenko

Alexandr Davydenko wood carvings


Check out these whimsical and yet amazing wood face carvings that I bought a few months ago and added to my art collection. They are the work of Alexandr Davydenko, and there’s a little story behind where I bought them … scroll down for more.

wood carvings by Alexandr Davydenko
Two wood carvings by Alexandr Davydenko.

I was in New Mexico last fall, and made the drive from Santa Fe up to Taos on the High Road to Taos. I continued on west of Taos to see the amazing Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, a steel deck arch bridge that crosses the Rio Grande Gorge. The bridge spans approximately 600 feet above the Rio Grande, making it the tenth highest bridge in the United States.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge near Taos, NM
View of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, west of Taos, New Mexico.

I pulled into the parking lot on the west side of the bridge, and realized I was pretty hungry, and there were a handful of vendors set up in the parking lot, ready to tend to visitors like me. I ordered a hamburger from a woman with a grill, and then proceeded to look at some of the other vendors’ tables, and happened upon the table of carvings by Mr. Davydenko – and what a sight it was! I don’t recall ever seeing anything quite like these, all hand-carved out of pieces of wood, all of which retain some elements of the original piece of wood, but then with fantastical faces and expressions carved into them. They ranged in size from just a couple inches tall up to 12-15 inches, and I decided right away that I had to go home with a pair of them. The two I have range from 5-7 inches tall, and are signed (via a carved name) and dated on the back.

Alexandr Davydenko wood carvings
Wood carvings by Alexandr Davydenko, seen at the Rio Grande Gordge Bridge west of Taos, NM.

Unfortunately, it seems that Mr. Davydenko does not have a website or Instagram account. His business card gave me his name and a home base of Los Alamos listed on the card, so unfortunately there seems to be nothing further than this post for me to better promote him and his art – I guess you just need to go to the Rio Grande Gorge if you want to buy his art for yourself. If anyone out there knows of an online presence for his art, let me know in the comments section below and I’ll gladly link to it and encourage people to check out more of his amazing wood carvings.

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One thought on “Original wood carvings by Alexandr Davydenko

  1. I too stopped at the bridge to hike along the rim of the Rio Grand gorge during a visit in Feb 2024. There’s a fantastic walking trail for several miles along the rim. Well worth a stop to get out and stretch your legs and take in the amazing sights. When we returned from the hike, the hardy vendors were setup in the bitter cold — including Mr Davydenko and his carvings, along with others offering jewelry. Once I showed more than passing interest, he shared lots of details about his carvings — where he finds the materials (mostly Los Alamos area), and how their faces were hidden in the the old weathered stumps and burls (before he brought them out). After much deliberation, I found one as a gift for my brother. Love it!

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