Keith Haring Polaroid Camera

Keith Haring Polaroid Camera


I was browsing the store at MoMA when I saw this curious object: a Keith Haring Polaroid camera. It’s pretty cool, I guess; I like how the iconic crawling baby is on the front and the black-and-white line drawings are on the back. But my first thought was: what’s the point? Is it just a case of the artist’s estate looking for a licensing deal? But I learned that there is a twist to it that I think makes it more interesting – rather than just having Keith Haring’s imagery on the camera, one can also buy “Keith Haring Edition” film packs, which also have Keith Haring designs on the actual print edges. It’s a unique idea for sure, I don’t recall seeing Polaroid do anything like this with other artists before.

It definitely seems to be a popular product, as both the camera and the film appear to be sold out, both on the MoMA store website as well as the Polaroid site. I wonder if they’ll produce more? Maybe I should have bought that one at the MoMA store when I had the chance! Looking back, I remember really wanting to buy a Keith Haring Swatch watch when they came out in the late 1980s, but not having $100 (at the time) to buy it – now I see them selling online for $1,000 or more.

Keith Haring Polaroid Camera
A Keith Haring Polaroid Camera at the MoMA store in NYC.
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