2 thoughts on “Portable rock art bird effigies found in Philadelphia

  1. I too have been finding birds and other animals very similar to this for a number of years; sometimes multiples on one stone, other times one stone will be two, in point I have a life size cardinal in red pipestone that when flipped over is a Robin. It’s purpose other than portable art is anyone’s guess as it has no tie marks and no grooves like it was made to be attached to a staff. I have a bear that is carved from coal with its head turned (size of a man’s fist), dog heads, one has a hole to be carried from the waist. I have a piece of carved turtle shell, a tiny thumb size bowl (man’s thumb), this past summer I found a raptor carved in stone with left wing slightly raised and the head turned left. The breast is concave and I’m confused as to why; is it a bowl? I’ve flipped this around several times and I think I’m missing something. There’s more to this and I’m not understanding it. It’s in perfect shape but was made with no legs. Who ever made it was a master carver. I have a tiny (fits in my palm) wren that looks so real it could fly. And then two crude doves? Hooked one head above the other. I could keep going but you get the idea. There is the odd (I think; it’s a grasshopper). I have not talked or shown this stuff to anyone. 1) I’m a landscape artist; I see things differently. Maybe it’s why I can see and find this stuff. 2) I’ve been given a hard time as a woman surface hunting around here where its a man’s world. I don’t exactly trust people after the way I’ve been talked to. I’m not stupid and I know I’m not wrong. I have an extensive art history background and my grandfather had a large surface hunters collection. I just don’t know all the Native American culture and I don’t understand the creatures and figures I’m seeing. Someone from the Ohio Historical Society who was attending to my husband as a home health aide saw the cardinal and said I had no idea how old it really was. That’s when my radar went up and I went on high alert. Someone stole one piece from me; it won’t happen again.

    1. Roberta, I would love to see a picture of the bear that’s carved out of coal. As I just recently found a small coal bear head here in Maine.

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