A virtual discussion with artist Mary Jean Canziani

painting on a book cover, art by Mary Jean Canziani


I was wandering through the 14C Art Fair last month when I came across a booth filled with paintings on books by Mary Jean Canziani, and was instantly smitten with them. The works are very engaging, as one notices the book’s title and then how the artist has taken it as a cue to develop her imagery. I think the ironic message in the art work below is pretty obvious: the book title is “How to Make a Living as a Painter,” and we can all see what this particular artist is up to.

At any rate, I liked the work very much and posted an image on my Instagram account, which led to an exchange with the artist which led to an interview … I thought it would be great to provide a more in-depth look at this artist, and you can read the full interview here.

painting on a book cover, art by Mary Jean Canziani
“How to Make A Living as a Painter,” 2021, by Mary Jean Canziani (image copyright of the artist).
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