Dry Goods, Art, Books and more: 4 generations in Brooklyn

A view inside the new gallery "B" Dry Goods in Brooklyn


I received some info about a new gallery opening in Brooklyn that has an interesting story: “B” Dry Goods will open on December 9th on Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights, and the proprietor, Gabriel Boyers, is the 4th generation of family members to operate a business in the neighborhood. The gallery will offer a unique mix of art, design, rare books, manuscripts, music and ephemera. “B” Dry Goods deals in both the primary and secondary art markets, selling works by the masters of the past and contemporary works by mature artists.

So where did this gallery name come from? That’s part of the interesting story: Boyers’ great grandfather, Meyer Bussell, first opened a department store called “B” Dep’t. Store on the corner of St. John’s Place and Troy Avenue in 1920, selling dry goods from stationery to pantyhose, until his death in 1969. Gabe’s grandfather took over and worked in the store until it closed later that year, as did his father until going off to City College. The opening of “B” Dry Goods on Franklin Avenue – approximately 10 city blocks away from the original department store – thus represents the 4th generation of the family operating in the neighborhood – how cool is that?

B Department Store and B Dry Goods, family businesses in Brooklyn
The original “B” Department Store, left, and “B” Dry Goods, a new gallery, above right, both in Brooklyn.

This is not the first business venture for Gabriel Boyers, who previously opened Schubertiade Music & Arts in 2006. Schubertiade – which is still in operation – deals in autographs, manuscripts, books, art, and collectibles. You can browse through the collection of over 3600 objects here, filtering them by subjects such as classical music, jazz, literature, art & design, and much more. But back to the new gallery venture, you can get a peek inside the gallery space here below, with some examples of the type of art and other objects on view:

Gabriel Boyers, owner of B Dry Goods in Brooklyn
Gabriel Boyers, owner of “B” Dry Goods, a new gallery opening in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

I like this view of the gallery space as well, with the benches positioned in alternating directions, encouraging visitors to sit and spend time taking in the art.

A view inside the new gallery "B" Dry Goods in Brooklyn
A view inside the new gallery “B” Dry Goods, in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NYC.

The gallery’s first exhibition will open December 9th, and is titled “The Masks We Wear,” acknowledging some of what we have all been through during these intervening two and a half years of COVID, while also addressing a deep history of wearing masks for reasons other than protection from dangers and threats.

This definitely looks like an interesting new twist on an art gallery format, at least from my perspective comparing this to contemporary art galleries that one might visit in Chelsea, Tribeca or the East Village. I am intrigued by the variety of objects and the merging of fine art, music and books or manuscripts all in the same place. I hope to get out to Brooklyn to see it in person sometime soon … if you’d like to visit, get more information here.

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