Rembrandt and Basketball

Rembrandt playing basketball as imagined by AI


I’ve found myself fascinated recently with various artificial intelligence art generator apps, and have been trying out a bunch of things, just for fun. I’m really curious to learn more about how these apps and their databases filled with images actually function, but in the meantime, I keep plugging in different word combinations, wondering how well these apps know their art history.

After having fun seeing how AI would imagine Van Gogh playing basketball the other day, I decided to see what the apps would do with Rembrandt and basketball. Considering that Rembrandt lived in the 1600’s and basketball was invented in 1891, the results of this concept are pure fantasy … but check it out: Rembrandt seems to have lost the ball on this crossover move (below left), but seems to have a good “handle” with the ball (below right). I love it!

Rembrandt playing basketball as imagined by AI
Paintings of Rembrandt playing basketball as imagined by artificial intelligence (AI) art apps.
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