Portable rock art found in Kentucky

portable rock art profile found KY


I have some new pictures and a story from a gentleman named Christopher in Kentucky who saw our posts on rock art and decided to send some of his own finds. He mentions that he found a number of them along the bank of a stream near the mouth of the Cumberland River in southeast Kentucky. Check out this first one, which looks to me like the profile of a man:

portable rock art profile found KY
A rock with a profile – original photo above left, my visual emphasis above right.

Here’s some more pictures of rocks that he has found, all in the same area in Pulaski County, Kentucky along the Lake Cumberland/Cumberland River watershed. He explains: “I have recently discovered this form of art history and have many more portable rock art pieces I would like to share. I admit I initially did not or could not see these markings when a co-worker would show me what he found. However, when my eyes were opened and I began to research through reading and looking more into this art form, I was just flabbergasted. I apologized to this co-worker and now in turn I experience the same disbelief from others.”

rock art found in Kentucky
More portable rock art found near the mouth of the Cumberland River in southeast Kentucky.

It’s hard for me to make any proclamations on these, as I have explained in the past, I am not a rock art expert myself, but I am sharing in the hope that if anyone out there has more information on things like this, we’d be happy to get your thoughts or feedback in the comments section below. Christopher adds that “I have several theories on the origins of these, yet I can simply enjoy them regardless.”

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One thought on “Portable rock art found in Kentucky

  1. I have been finding these everywhere, I have been doing research and I came to the conclusion they were serpent stones, water serpents or some type of serpent deities that were worshipped. A lot of the portable rock carvings I am finding look exactly like the pict culture’s carvings, you can’t tell where it begins or ends, it’s a lacey pattern with tendrils and eyes in different spots, it looks like it has more than one head, very strange creatures, but man, they all over the ground here in Iowa, once you know what you see you can spot them everywhere. What was your conclusion?

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