Abstract art from a common item made into something uncommon

Monica Bonvicini belts as art


I was attending the 2022 Armory Show, making my way from booth to booth, when I saw this piece by Monica Bonvicini being exhibited by Galerie Kinzinger from Vienna, Austria. From a distance (below left), it was hard to tell what the material being used was, and the way the black strips hung off the edges, I initially had a visual association with the rubber art works of Chakaia Booker. But a closer look (below right) revealed this to be an art work made from men’s black leather belts! Scroll down below the pictures for more …

Monica Bonvicini belts as art
“BeltDecke #5, 2022, by Monica Bonvicini, seen at the 2022 Armory Show.

This particular art work is titled “BeltDecke #5,” 2022, and is made with men’s black leather belts, rivets, and steel, and has an overall measurement of 103 1/4 x 68 1/2 inches. To see more of Monica Bonvicini’s art work, please check out her website here.

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