Visiting the Armory Show

Art seen at the 2022 Armory Show in NYC


I’ve been visiting the Armory Show in its different locations and formats for years, but today’s visit at the Javits Center was something else altogether. I’m not sure if the square footage was a lot bigger, or if I was just more engaged and moving slower in general, but I’ve always been able to visit the whole fair in a day, and – while I did that today – I wish I had bought a two-day pass. It’s a LOT of art to try to see! As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, there’s over 240 galleries included in the show, and a lot of great art to see.

The 2022 Armory Show at the Javits Center
View of the entrance to the Armory Show inside the Javits Center.

Compared to the Whitney Bienniel, which had a lot of mixed media and video art, the Armory Show was loading with paintings! As I painter, I was loving that! Off the top of my head, I’d guess that 85% of the work being shown was paintings, which is an interesting statement about the international art world if that is what’s selling (vs. the Biennial curators suggesting that video is the important art of the day).

There was so much to see that I can’t think of one thing that stood out as “best in show,” but give me a little time and I’ll have plenty more to post. Below left is a painting by Anna Freeman Bentley, which was on view with the Frestonian Gallery from London. Not only were the saturated colors intense, but it was painted at a scale where I felt like I could walk into the room. Below right is an abstract work by Ariel Schlesinger, “Untitled (Burnt Canvas) IV,” 2022, on view with Galleria Massimo Minini. It’s literally burned pieces of canvas assembled on a wooden stretcher, and I thought it was quite beautiful.

Art seen at the 2022 Armory Show in NYC
Art by Anna Freeman Bentley (above left) and by Ariel Schlesinger (above right) at the 2022 Armory Show.

Please check back as I will have plenty more to share from this art fair, but if you’re in the NYC area this weekend, I would definitely suggest heading over to the Javits Center to see this show! More details on visiting the show here.

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