Salvador Dali, Muppets, Salvatore Dada, and Sesame Street

Salvador Dali as a Muppet


I turned on my tv as I was sitting down for lunch today, and was surprised when I saw Sesame Street come on … I guess the last thing I watched on tv last night was something on PBS, because I haven’t tuned in to Sesame Street on purpose for years, as my kids are much older now.

As I was making my sandwich with sounds of Sesame Street characters in the background, I wondered if there have been many artist characters portrayed on the show over the years? Since I’ve been playing around with some text-to-image AI art generators lately, I thought to try generating something for “artist character Sesame Street Muppet,” but the results were not too interesting. They just looked like generic muppet-like creatures. So then I entered the phrase “Salvador Dali as a Muppet,” and got some more-interesting results, which you can see below.

Salvador Dali as a Muppet
AI art generator results for the phrase Salvador Dali as a Muppet.

After seeing these, I thought to do an online search for Salvador Dali and Sesame Street, and found that an artist character named “Salvatore Dada” made an appearance on Sesame Street back in 1974, which you can see in the video segment below. It’s a funny mash-up of artist characters and art history, since I see him referred to as both “Salvatore” (which would suggest Italian) and “Salvador,” (which would suggest Spanish), yet the character uses occasional French words, such as “monsieur.” The last name “Dada” is obviously a reference to the Dada art movement, yet combined with “Salvador” would suggest a reference to Salvador Dali. And then there’s the art on the walls … these are clearly references to Matisse’s cut-outs, and I find it quite funny that the character “Biff,” who is helping with the art installation, refers to them as “splotches.” So with all that said, please enjoy this video clip, and make sure you stay until the end, for the surprise ending.

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