James Bond is watching you all day and night

Painting of Sean Connery as James Bond


I like looking at real estate pictures, both to fantasize about other places to live as well as to get ideas for how I might want my own home to be designed or furnished. But when I saw this real estate photo for a property for sale, the interior decorator who staged this picture – or the current owners who live there – have me perplexed. It’s a beautiful large room, crisp and clean, exposed beams along the ceiling, and … Sean Connery as James Bond over the fireplace, watching over everything? It wouldn’t strike me as odd if there were other paintings or art work on the walls, if it were one of many art works to look at. But to be the solitary image, this large head-only portrait of James Bond smirking at you from anywhere in the room – why? Its presence kind of dominates the room.

Painting of Sean Connery as James Bond
An artwork showing Sean Connery as James Bond dominates this living room.

To be fair, the side walls seem to be mainly windows, so there’s not a lot of other wall space for art in this great room, but I still think it’s kind of strange for a real estate photo – because the main thing I see and think about is James Bond.

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