A video introduction to the art of Jon Sarkin

Jon Sarkin in his studio


I received an email today about the opening of the 10th Anniversary of the Outsider Art Fair in Paris, which runs from today through Sunday (September 15–18) at Atelier Richelieu. I always try to see the Outsider Art Fair when it’s in NYC, but for myself or anyone else who can’t be in Paris for this event, they do have online viewing rooms for this year’s fair which will be available through September 30th – check those out here.

As I was browsing through their website, I came across a feature and video on the artist Jon Sarkin, whose work I may have seen in NYC at some point, but the written info and video that was being shared opened up a whole new appreciation for this artist and the difficulties he’s been through. Sarkin, who was born in 1953, is a former chiropractor, who one day, while playing golf (in 1988), experienced a strange sensation in his head. It developed into a case of tinnitus (a ringing in the ears), and later was discovered that he had a swollen blood vessel in his brain. He had surgery which seemed to cure the tinnitus, but resulted in a stroke and damage to his cerebellum. His health and memory was compromised (more painful details in the video), but he found himself with an urge to create art in the hope of capturing fleeting thoughts.

Get the full story and amazing details of his art in this video below:

To learn more about the artist Jon Sarkin and to see more of his art work, make sure to check out his website here.

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