The Log: readymade art found in Park Slope, Brooklyn

the log, readymade art found in Brooklyn


I was walking around Park Slope in Brooklyn last weekend, and as I was walking along 14th Street, I noticed this big object on the curb, but what grabbed my attention was the appearance of a label on it. As I got closer, I could see that it is a partially burned log, with a small “wall label” type plaque attached to it with 4 screws. Scroll down for more …

The Log on 14th Street in Park Slope
Walking towards “The Log,” on 14th Street near Prospect Park in Park Slope.

As you can see below, someone – perhaps with an art background and a high level of frustration – has attached the following label to this burned log which reads:

The Log, 2019. Wood. A fixture of South Slope that resides between 7th and 8th Ave on 14th St. It stands as a testament to the will of the American people and by going nowhere shows a perseverance and stubborness that resides deep within us all. Made possible by a municipality that refuses to collect and remove. We, the people? No. We, the log.

the log, readymade art found in Brooklyn
The Log, a readymade art work found in Park Slope.

I wonder, if the log was first placed curbside for garbage pickup in 2019, how long before someone attached this sarcastic art label? I didn’t notice the material of the label, but it must be waterproof as it looks crisp, clean, and sturdy. If anyone can lay claim to this readymade (the log, or the label, or both), or give us some neighborhood insight, please do so in the comments section below.

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