Portable rock art face reminds me of a Picasso sculpture

portable rock art face and a Picasso sculpture


A woman shared the following picture (below left) of a small portable rock art piece that she found in Douglas County, Wisconsin, and I immediately had a visual association with a Picasso sculpture … I then went back through some photos that I took at an exhibition of Picasso’s sculpture that was at MoMA in 2016, and found my match. Those eyes and nose, and the shadow in the right eye, an interesting comparison, don’t you think? I’m guessing whomever carved this small face effigy most likely never saw any Picasso sculptures, but one might wonder if Picasso ever saw much rock art? He certainly took inspiration from African masks, who knows what else he was looking at?

portable rock art face and a Picasso sculpture
A comparison between a portable rock art face effigy and a Picasso sculpture.
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