Fun fact about the Grand Canyon

I was reading a story today about a guy who went back to the Grand Canyon years after visiting as a child, and it made me think back to my one and only trip (as an adult) to the Grand Canyon, back in 1993 (that’s me, blurred out, at the edge of the Grand Canyon, below left). I would love to go back and visit again, and this time go down into it. I only circled around the rim on my first trip. But there was a fun fact in the story I was reading that made me stop and think …

Two views of the Grand Canyon, real and abstacted
A selfie at the Grand Canyon, circa 1993, and a satellite image with some Photoshop filters for artistic effect.

The article stated that the Grand Canyon is 277 miles long and 18 miles wide at its widest point from rim to rim. The depth at the deepest point is over a mile, and supposedly all 7.9 billion current inhabitants of the world could fit inside of it. Really???

Here’s another crazy thought – one can virtually go through the Grand Canyon via the Colorado River in Google Street View! Although I guess having that type of virtual experience is not to be unexpected, I think I just laughed at the idea of calling it “street view” while being on a boat at the bottom of the Grand Canyon! Learn more about it here.

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