The theme of Mother and Child in art

Remember how Sesame Street had that segment where they would show four things and ask kids: “which one doesn’t belong?” I had a similar thought cross my mind on the Garden State Parkway the other day as I photographed something unusual … take a look at my four “mother and child” pictures below, and you tell me: which one doesn’t belong?

4 pictures of Mother and Child in art
One of these doesn’t belong … or does it? Mother and Child theme in art.

Clockwise, from top left: “Madonna and Child,” circa 1480, by Italian artist Vincenzo Foppa; detail of a photograph by William McFarlane Notman of a Native American mother with her baby in a papoose, 1887; “Mother and Child,” 1812, terracotta sculpture by Italian artist Bartolomeo Pinelli; and my own photograph of a real jeep carrying a toy jeep attached to the back end. I don’t know about you, but these jeeps look like mother and child to me too!

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