Finding a painted-over Picasso, and recreating it using AI

I received a cryptic message in response to a previous blog post, where the person commented that “AI uncovers lost art — and new challenges – A recent recreation has drawn global attention and praise, but also landed the two students behind the AI project in potential legal trouble.” This intrigued me, because the person mentioned a “hidden Picasso,” and I wanted to see if I could find out what she was referring to with this comment.

A little research found this intriguing story, about the Met using x-ray technology to discover that there was another painting underneath Picasso’s well-known Blue Period masterpiece titled “Blind Man’s Meal” from 1903. The Met produced a fluorescent version of this hidden figure, but it was a London-based tech company named Oxia Palus that took things a step further by leveraging their technology to reveal the painting’s outline and then they went forward to produce a textured canvas with realistic brushstrokes showing the “lost but found” image. Check out the video about this here:

This opens up my curiosity to learn more about Oxia Palus, as they have used the same technology applied to other paintings, and they state that they are “… creating the world’s first NeoMasters,” which is their own term for these new AI-based paintings. Learn more about their work here.

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