Celebrating Matisse, from the fourth generation of his family

I was reading the NY Times when I happened upon a short blurb about a company called “Maison Matisse.” As one might assume, it relates to the famous modern artist Henri Matisse, and it’s a company founded in 2019 by a great-grandson of Matisse, Jean-Mattieu Matisse. The reason for starting this company is described by Jean-Mattieu here: “The starting point was our observation that Henri Matisse‚Äôs works are often copied on various kinds of items but are not always as great as they could be. We wished to share the talent of Henri Matisse by creating objects inspired by his universe with a respectful interpretation.”

Another explanation comes here: “5 words express what drives us, what guides our choices and our actions, and 5 words link us to our origins and reflect the philosophy of Henri Matisse: optimism, meticulousness, simplicity, boldness, and openness to the world.” These are explained in much greater detail on the “Our Values” page of their website.

Let’s take a look at some of their offerings:

Maison Matisse products
Three objects available for sale from Maison Matisse; click the product links below for more info.

From left: the Sol Bottle, a hand painted ceramic as part of a set of tableware objects; the Alto Side Table in green and black; and the Throw Blanket, variation blue/ochre, all three of which are said to be inspired by Henri Matisse’s painting La Musique (1939). They are certainly beautiful objects, I would gladly have any of these in my home.

I think it’s interesting, but also makes sense, that they do not create any paintings or wall art pieces, but rather just home decor and furnishings in collaboration with a team of designers, and their stated goal is: “Each of our products finds its origin in one of the artist’s paintings, reinterpreting the codes of the work without ever copying them.” One of the designers, Cristina Celestino, further expands on this idea by explaining: “Henri Matisse was a collector of objects, ceramics, fabrics, and small furnishings … he used to incorporate these pieces into his paintings …” which is certainly true, as you can see in a few examples here, here, and here.

Last but not least, they have a nice biographical page on the life and work of Henri Matisse here.

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