We are Williamsburg Family

I was walking around Bushwick and Williamsburg, looking at street art murals throughout the neighborhood, when I noticed this one on Metropolitan Avenue near Leonard Street. I didn’t notice any tag or mention of who the artist is, but the top has the message “We Are Williamsburg Family,” and shows a diverse group of people, so the message is pretty clear, and positive. However, the thing that caught my attention and gave me a little laugh is the addition of a scrawled message added by someone obviously different from the original artist. Our “commentator” has added “Not Fam?” next to the guy at the far right, who seems separated by the others by the placement of a security bar-covered window in-between him and the rest of the crowd. If one wants to make the suggestion of potential social commentary, one could point out that this separate guy is the only white male in an otherwise diverse crowd … so one could wonder if this is an intentional message – or not – by the original artist?

I’m not making any personal commentary here, so please don’t read anything into my observations – they are just my observations and the “not fam” message is what brought it all to my attention in the first place. I think it’s kind of funny.

We Are Williamsburg Family mural
“We Are Williamsburg Family” street art mural seen on Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn.

If anyone knows who this mural artist is, please share info in the comments section below so that I can properly credit the artist.

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