You Are Beautiful in Philadelphia

I noticed this street art mural of a one-eyed cyclops-like man on a wall in Philadelphia with the message “You Are Beautiful.” It was somewhere in the Center City area, I believe on S. Juniper Street near Drury Street. The message is positive, but I also like how it is contradicted by this bright orange spray paint, which, when viewed against this green background, makes for a somewhat jarring color combination along with the one-eyed man giving the message.

you are beautiful street art in Philadelphia
“You Are Beautiful” street art in Philadelphia, artist unknown, photo by Artsology.

There’s no signature or tag on the mural, so I tried to find out who might have made it. I do see that there is an “You Are Beautiful” Art Collective, but they are based in Chicago, and the public street art shown on their site is quite a different style than this mural, so I’m not sure it’s the same people who made this one. If I’m wrong – or if you know the identity of the artist so that we can properly credit him or her, please let us know in the comments section below. There’s also a “Mural Arts Philadelphia” organization, but this one looks a bit less formal than many of the elaborate street art murals on their site. At any rate, I like it and wanted to share it here.

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