Tribeca Festival: June 8 – 19

I happened upon a full-page ad for the Tribeca Festival in the NY Times the other day, and while I have long been familiar with the idea of the Tribeca Film Festival, it caught my attention that “film” is removed from the title, and they also mention “immersive” and “games” as part of the programming, among other things. What exactly does that mean to the potential festival-goer? I decided to investigate …

Tribeca Festival 2022
The 2022 Tribeca Festival runs from June 8 – 19.

I learned that “Immersive” refers to “cutting-edge virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences by top artists pushing the boundaries of storytelling with technology through impactful and emotionally engaging stories.” There’s two ways to experience this: in person, and at home. The in-person option involves buying a ticket for a specific time session and then going to Spring Studios on Varick Street. The at-home option also involves buying a ticket, which provides an access code to download an application which involves “Steam VR.” They call it the “Museum of Other Realities,” which sounds pretty cool. They say, however, that this requires “a tethered VR headset and an adequate gaming PC.” The site further explains that this will be “… a thematically curated selection of experiences that address our relationship with nature, society and with ourselves through digital art and cutting edge technology. The stories blend together into a coherent whole, offering Festival attendees a breathtaking interactive journey.” For more on the immersive experience, either at home or in person, check out the website here.

For the “Games” option, it is also available as an in-person or at-home experience, although for both, one is limited to a scheduled time slot only, and a limit of “three experiences” (from a total of 9 games to choose from). The at-home experience requires downloading the Parsec App. It’s funny, but they mention having three rules: 1, you must not book more than one session per game. 2, there is no streaming or content capturing of the game allowed. #3 is my favorite: “No feeling guilty or negative in any way for taking time to play and enjoy games!”

For more information on any aspect of the Tribeca Festival or to get tickets, click here or on the image above.

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