The Heart Project: 10,000 NFTs

I was walking around Chelsea in NYC when I noticed these wheat-pasted posters on a wall. I liked the whimsical characters: a flaming heart with a lightsaber, a purple heart jumping rope, a blue heart spinning a basketball on a finger while riding a skateboard, a heart wearing one sock and one flip-flop while apparently robbing a bank and smoking a pipe … and more! But what is The Heart Project?

The Heart Project: 10,000 NFTs
Wheat-pasted posters for The Heart Project, seen in New York City.

I found out that The Heart Project is “… a collection of 10,000 NFTs living on the blockchain as collectibles. The Heart character has 235 unique attributes which have been plugged into a computer generated AI with the possibility of creating over a trillion different combinations. Each Heart NFT is one of a kind based on its combination of characteristics.”

I have to admit, I have been reading about art-related NFTs for the past year or more and while I have a basic understanding, I have not jumped in as far as either buying art NFTs or making any myself. So I can’t write too much here with any expertise, but I’m certainly intrigued and want to learn more (although sometimes I feel like I’ve already missed the wave of opportunity).

At any rate, back to The Heart Project: according to the website, it was created by Stefan Meier and Aidan Cullen in 2021. Quoting from the site: “Over the past two years, Stefan has been developing a series of paintings and drawings inspired by the cartoons of his childhood. The character he felt most drawn to was a heart because of its simple and universal message of love, healing, and compassion. He teamed up with fellow artist Aidan Cullen, an avid cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiast, who helped grow the idea and put together a dedicated team to create a world and community surrounding the character. The combination of this classic symbol with Stefan’s distinct visual style is bringing something unique to the NFT world.”

Make sure to check out their Instagram feed here as well.

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