Intrigued by the real estate interior pictures

I was out for a walk in an unnamed town in NJ yesterday, when I noticed a home for sale that looked pretty interesting from the outside, which made me curious about the interior. For the sake of current owner and future owner privacy, I won’t list the address or town, but wanted to share some unusual visual details as seen on the inside. It seems that some public records suggest that the home was built in 1895, yet there’s also suggestions that it could be from 1860, which seems odd that a specific official date wouldn’t be on record somewhere. At any rate, check out some of these cool features; clockwise from top left: an arched sculpture nook, perfect if you have a Remington-style bronze as shown; a U.S. Mail slot for letters with standing guards; wall moulding with a decorative flower in the center; and last-but-most-intriguing: some sort of carved finial (?), which has what I think is the suggestion of a face. Doesn’t it look like two eyes, a nose, and mouth in there? What is this? I think this is the coolest thing of them all.

real estate oddity interiors
Some interesting features seen in real estate photos from a house I saw for sale.

If anyone out there has seen something like that finial before, or knows more about what it might be, please share your knowledge in the comments section below.

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