A look at El Anatsui and his art from the North Carolina Museum of Art

I’ve had a chance to see a number of art works over the years by the African artist El Anatsui (born in Ghana, 1944; currently lives and works in Nigeria). It’s fascinating work, but I’ve never read much background about the artist or his methods, so the following video was quite informative for me. This video is about his piece titled “Lines That Link Humanity,” which was commissioned by the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC, and is part of the series titled “Masterpiece Moment,” created by Bank of America.

The video shows El Anatsui’s studio assistants working with the materials, flattening, bending and twisting the aluminum pieces, and then also shows the artist taking the wired-together sheets and laying them out to determine the composition, as the final piece for North Carolina measured 18 x 25 feet. The video also gives some personal history on the artist and his childhood – the youngest of his father’s 32 children! – as well as his path to becoming an artist, from studying art in school to an eventual postgraduate degree in art education and a teaching job. Check out the video below to learn more about this artist and his work:

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