Yarn bombing Van Gogh Sunflowers in Philadelphia

I was enjoying a visit to Philadelphia the past couple of days, and saw this street art installation of a “yarn bombing” on South Juniper Street (below left). At first, I just thought it was a cool street art piece with yarn flowers glued to the wall … but as I looked at the picture again later, I noticed the faint outline of a vase and it suddenly occurred to me that this was an homage to a Van Gogh Sunflowers painting. When I went to look for which Van Gogh Sunflowers painting it was referencing, it would seem highly likely that it’s “Sunflowers,” 1889 (below right), which is actually in the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The way the bottom right “yarn Sunflower” droops and the darker yarn flower on the left seem to match up pretty well with the painting in the museum’s collection.

yarn bombing Van Gogh sunflowers in Philadelphia
Photo of yarn bombing street art by Artsology; image of Van Gogh Sunflowers is courtesy of The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Mr. and Mrs. Carroll S. Tyson, Jr., Collection, 1963.

It’s too bad someone damaged the yarn bombing street art piece by removing the vase … it would have been cool to see it intact. But I think it’s still a cool homage to Vincent Van Gogh nevertheless!

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