New interview with visionary artist Angela Rogers

I’ve seen visionary artist Angela Rogers’ art work several times over the past couple years, including the pieces shown below at the 2020 Outsider Art Fair, and then some new pieces again at this year’s Outsider Art Fair. Some communication with the artist ensued, and next thing we knew, we had a nice interview with her about her art and life. Check out the interview here, and learn more about the fascinating art made by Angela Rogers!

These two art works are from Rogers’ “Poppets” series, which are considered by her to be talismans and good-luck charms, although some are also intended to banish negativity. Below left is “Trick” from 2019, which measures 15 x 7 inches and is made with wire, fiber, and found objects. Below right is “Hand of the Universe 1,” 2019, and is also made with wire, fiber and found objects, and this piece measures 10 x 4 inches.

art by visionary artist Angela Rogers
Above left: “Trick,” 2019; above right: “Hand of the Universe 1,” 2019; both are wire, fiber and found object “Poppets” by visionary artist Angela Rogers.

See more pictures in the interview, including a new poppet which stands 12 feet tall!

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