James Dean and the 80s Guy

Back in February when I was in Red Bank, NJ, wandering around the Antique Center of Red Bank, Building III, I saw lots of interesting and quirky things, and here’s another pair: we’ve got Mr. Cool from the 1950s, James Dean, in the form of a porcelain bust (at left), and Mr. Cool from the 1980s (at right), or at least that’s my interpretation of this figure, based on his attire. It’s like he’s looking at James Dean and comparing himself, trying to determine who is the most cool.

James Dean porcelain bust at an antiques store
James Dean and an unknown (1980s?) guy at the Antique Center of Red Bank.

But back to James Dean … did you notice those eyebrows? I like the unusual way that they’ve been depicted, they kind of look like fern fronds.

James Dean eyes and eyebrows
Those are some unusual eyebrows on James Dean!
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