It’s feeding time for the dinosaurs in Cold Spring, NY

I was in Cold Spring, NY over the weekend, and as I was walking up Main Street, I noticed this interesting little tableau of garden gnomes and dinosaurs set up on a slate platform outside of the Cold Spring Apothecary.

garden gnomes and dinosaurs
A collection of garden gnomes and dinosaurs outside of Cold Spring Apothecary.

It seems like the garden gnomes have set up the dinosaurs with a feast of flowers to dine on. It’s quite a festive scene, and I like how the dinosaurs are all lined up in order to eat. It would seem to help draw attention to the mission of the Cold Spring Apothecary, whose website says that “… our products are thoughtfully created and fueled by the healing power of botanicals and herbs.” I guess if it can help the dinosaurs, it can help us humans!

dinosaurs eating flowers outside the Cold Spring Apothecary
Dinosaurs eating flowers outside the Cold Spring Apothecary.
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