Tiny Church, location unknown

I was looking through some old family pictures, and found this one from circa 1981 with my brother (then either 8 or 9 years old), standing in front of a tiny church. I’m curious about this picture – I’m guessing this tiny church is either in Iowa or South Dakota, since those were the two states where my grandparents lived at that point and I’m thinking this was taken on a family trip … but a search for “tiny church Iowa” and “tiny church South Dakota” don’t turn up any matches. I also did a search for “tiny church Minnesota,” since that’s where I grew up, but can’t find an image match anywhere. Does anyone recognize this church and can share the identification or location in the comments section below? Of course it could be located in a state other than Minnesota, Iowa, or South Dakota, those are just my initial guesses.

tiny church, location unknown circa 1981
A tiny church, location unknown, circa 1981. Does anyone recognize this church?
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