The monster (or dinosaur) in the stone wall

dinosaur battle with a pareidolia creature


I was out walking in my neighborhood when I suddenly noticed this patched stone wall, original view and unaltered photo below left, that suddenly looked like a charging monster or dinosaur up on its back legs – see my “enhanced” view of the same scene, below right. What do you think?

monster seen in the stone wall
Repair to a stone wall makes me see a monster or dinosaur standing on its hind legs.

Just to further enhance my vision, I’ll copy and paste this stone and mortar creature into a dinosaur battle scene – what do you think now? I know this is yet another case of my pareidolia, but I stand behind my belief that this is an obvious creature in the wall, accidental or not!

dinosaur battle with a pareidolia creature
My pareidolia creature is in a battle!
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