Street art hot spot is all cleaned up

For several years, as long as I can remember, I could always count on getting a big dose of street art anytime I walked past Billy Marks West, at 9th Avenue and 29th Street in NYC. It was on my regular walking path from Penn Station to the art galleries in Chelsea, and I would enjoy seeing works by favorite street artists such as City Kitty (man with green shirt, at the top of the left picture), and Frank Ape, seen below right, among many others. There was always something new painted or pasted on the 29th Street wall, a regular rotation of new work from the streets.

Street art at Billy Marks West in NYC, featuring City Kitty and Frank Ape
Street art by City Kitty, Frank Ape, and many others as seen on the exterior wall of Billy Marks West in September, 2019.

Those pictures above are from September 2019, and I know I could easily post similar pictures from numerous other years. So it came as a big surprise as I was heading to the Chelsea galleries last Friday to see Billy Marks West looking like this! It’s been gray-washed, with no more street art! What happened? Considering how long this wall had been displaying street art, one would assume the owners of Billy Marks West were fine with it, so what changed? Does anyone know? (if so, please share in the comments section below)

Billy Marks West clean walls no art
The 29th Street wall of Billy Marks West has been gray-washed with no more street art!
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