Movie art by Rick Fleming at the Outsider Art Fair

I saw this fun installation of movie art by Rick Fleming at this year’s Outsider Art Fair this past weekend. Instead of “Blockbuster Video,” we’ve got “Rickbuster,” with several shelves of original art meant to represent VHS movie cases. It took a minute for me to make the connection, but this was the same artist who grabbed my attention at the last Outsider Art Fair I attended in 2020. Scroll down below the picture for more information …

Rick Fleming Rickbuster movie art at the Outsider Art Fair
Installation view of movie art by Rick Fleming at the 2022 Outsider Art Fair.

Rick Fleming, born in 1969, lives and works in Austin, Texas. The fact that Rick is in his 50s would help explain his awareness and appreciation for Blockbuster, since the video rental business went bankrupt back in 2010. Rick draws inspiration from pop culture, especially classic rock, movies from the 1980s and 1990s, and WWE wrestling, and has a lighthearted sense of humor with the images and text in his art work. Below are three of my favorite works from this display at the Outsider Art Fair: “Batman and Robin,” featuring those characters along with Iceman, Bruce Wayne, and Bat Girl; “Three Men and a Baby,” and “The Wizard of Oz.” I love the way the yellow brick road is depicted here!

Rick Fleming VHS movie art works
Three art works by Rick Fleming seen at the 2022 Outsider Art Fair.

Rick works and exhibits at SAGE Studio, a place where artists with disabilities can create, display, and sell their work. SAGE stands for “Supporting Artistic Growth and Entrepreneurship,” and it is SAGE Studio’s mission to “… nurture and amplify the voices of artists with disabilities, so that they may meaningfully engage with the social, economic, and creative life of the community.”

See more of Rick Fleming’s art work here!

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