Decaying and layered street art looks like an owl

street art seeing an owl like pareidolia


I’ve always liked seeing how layers upon layers of street art and/or posters that have been wheat pasted on walls in NYC – and eventually get damaged by the elements, torn, shredded, and so forth – can take on a new look and be art in their own right. This view, below left, of a wall in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC, is one such wall, and you can see the peeling layers of paper on this wall. But adding to the look are two screw holes, or something, that seem to be placed in a way to suggest the intense glare of eyes. I think it’s the torn paper below the “eyes” that looks like a beak that makes me think of an owl – do you see it? I’ve superimposed an owl image on top of the same wall below right. What do you think? I suppose it’s another case of pareidolia.

street art seeing an owl like pareidolia
A case of pareidolia? Seeing an owl on a wall in Chelsea, NYC.
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