Apartment for sale, fake Rothkos not included

I was looking at some real estate listings the other day, perhaps fantasizing a little bit about a high-rise NYC apartment, when I saw a space that had some Mark Rothko paintings on the walls. Now, of course, I know if these were real Mark Rothkos, they’d probably be worth tens of millions of dollars, as evidenced by this article on Rothko paintings sold at auction. So, at this point, I was assuming they were fake Rothko paintings, and that intrigued me as well, as I think it would be fun to try to paint my own “Rothko,” just to have – since I could never afford a real one. But then, I noticed that the real estate listing mentioned in the fine print that the apartment was in fact “… currently raw space with no electric or plumbing, a blank slate for your imagination!” So these images are just renderings of what the space could look like – and I guess the person making the renderings thinks that some Rothko canvases would be nice “home decor” for this future apartment. That’s a pretty good imagination! I think if I were making the renderings, I’d throw in a few more art historical references, just for fun.

fake rothko paintings in a NYC apartment
What I thought was a real apartment was just a rendering with the suggestion of Mark Rothko paintings.
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