Wood and resin tables by Kochut

I was walking down Broad Street in Red Bank, NJ, when I saw a storefront with some amazing tables in the window. The store – named Kochut – was closed at the time, and the reflections on the window are a bit distracting, but here’s two different angled views of the same table top that was on display. I was quite intrigued since it’s an interesting mix of natural wood along with blue epoxy resin, which – in my mind – suggests water flowing through the wood. Scroll down for more info below the picture …

Kochut wood and epoxy resin table
Two views of the same tabletop at Kochut in Red Bank, NJ.

A little research shows me that Kochut as a parent company is known for its jewelry, but Kochut Wood is a subdivision of the brand that produces tables and other pieces from natural wood. The company states that “… we often feature epoxy resin in our work, which makes our products both captivating in appearance and unquestionably original.” You can see all of their wood products here, and other dining tables here.

On the one hand, the price of these exquisite tables is a bit high for my own personal budget, but they are absolutely stunning and almost like functional art – I would certainly enjoy sitting and looking at one of these in the same way I’d enjoy sitting and looking at a painting.

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