Why would anyone make this?

I was in Red Bank, NJ a couple weeks ago, and had fun looking through The Antique Center of Red Bank, Building III. They had a lot of odd things in there, but this was one of the more odd ones. This neon green figurine shows a screaming, toothless, crazed-eyed dude riding a scooter, and was maybe 5 or 6 inches tall. I regret that I didn’t turn over the attached tag to see what the description was, but it just makes me wonder: why would anyone make this? Does anyone out there know what this is? If so, please give us some info in the comments section below.

Editor’s Update: I received a message through Instagram that this is a “Nutty Mad,” an injection-molded polymer plastic toy figure originally manufactured in 1963–1964 by the Marx Toy Company. This series of toys all featured characters with bulging, bloodshot eyes and maniacal expressions, and were sold in “five and dime stores” like Woolworth’s, Newberry’s and G.C. Murphy.

My other question is, who would ever buy this and want to have it on display in their home? But just as I finish typing that, I’m starting to think that I would – I mean, what a great conversation starter, am I right? Every now and then I get the urge to create a museum like a “cabinet of curiosities,” and showcase stuff that makes people scratch their heads in confusion and wonder.

neon green screaming scooter figurine
I found this odd fellow on the shelf at the Antiques Center of Red Bank – what is it?? Why??
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