Engineering Students utilize Leonardo da Vinci’s Ideas

I heard a story about some University of Maryland Engineering students who created a drone using blade designs inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s “aerial screw” illustrations from the late 1490s, one of which you can see here below left. I’ve seen this image countless times over the years, and at first it didn’t look like the college students’ drone blades (as seen in the video below) really resembled this, but as I looked closer at Leonardo’s drawing, I realized that I had been visually misinterpreting Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing all these years – I thought it looked like a flat 2-D blade shown in perspective, when in fact it has 3-D “screw” like shapes, which my customized image below right helps illustrate.

Leonard da Vinci aerial screw drawing and design
Leonardo da Vinci aerial screw drawing and concept

At any rate, now that I’ve clarified my own misunderstanding of what Leonardo da Vinci imagined, let’s see how the engineering students put it into play in the video below. Granted, they have four aerial screws instead of Leonardo’s one, but it’s still pretty cool:

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